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Holy Trinity Catholic High School and Theatre in Fort McMurray:

Expected to be opened in September 2011, it is being built as a partnership between the Suncor Energy Foundation, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and the Catholic School District. When completed, Holy Trinity will be one of only three performing arts high schools in the province, allowing children with an interest in drama, dance and the associated disciplines to specialize in them. When not in use by the school, the performing arts centre will be available for the community. The centre is planned to include a 350-seat theatre, a professional dance studio and associated facilities.

Aqua Air supplied the clean and exceptionally quiet HUNTAIR Air Handling Systems with FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® for the classrooms and Theatre.

Health Research Innovation Facility (HRIF) in Edmonton:

a translational research centre designed to create an environment for innovative "bench-to-bedside" health research by increasing interaction between researchers and clinicians focused on common medial issues.

HRIF West, the hub of the complex is an 8-story building which provides the main entrance to the complex and becomes the critical link between the Medical Sciences Building and Heritage Medical Research Center.

HRIF East is a 9-story building. A Bio-Hazard Level 3 laboratory is located in the basement of the building, and is one of the largest in Canada at over 5,000 square feet over 9 stories.

Aqua Air supplied and commissioned complex air-flow controls for this flexible space. Laboratory air (HEPA filtered) and exhaust fans (biosafety cabinets) were also integral in HRIF design.

Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS) Edmonton:

This project is a state-of-the-art facility on the historic quadrangle of the University of Alberta valued at approximately $300 million. It brings together students, professors, and researchers from a variety of science departments to create a unique approach to scientific discovery. CCIS is a signature building in terms of architecture, functionality, and sustainable design.

Aqua Air supplied and commissioned air-flow controls and perchloric exhaust fans for fume removal for this project.

Biological Sciences Building Exhaust - University of Alberta, Edmonton:

The six-winged Biological Sciences Building representing the studies and programs offered (Psychology, Zoology, Genetics, Botany, Microbiology, and the Center Wing that links them all together) was built in 1969.

Upgrades provided by Aqua Air include replacement of air handlers with five 35,000 cfm Huntair fumehood exhaust Air Handling Unit's.

Biological Sciences Building MUA - University of Alberta, Edmonton:

A side-by-side custom air handling unit was installed to boost the current systems heating and cooling capacity while including a method for energy recovery which was previously non-existent. The units were paired with a heat recovery pipe to reduce the heating and cooling loads. Special features include heresite coating on the exhaust section of the heat pipe, a heat pipe bypass damper to allow for free cooling and parallel flow air tunnels to meet ducting requirements. The use of FANWALL® allowed the air handling unit to meet the difficult sound, footprint and weight requirements for this particular retrofit. Due to its small footprint, the air handling unit was able to be shipped in three complete sections which were correspondingly craned onto the roof and completely installed over the course of a morning.

Aqua Air provided a Huntair 25,800 CFM supply air unit and 32,700 CFM return air unit.

Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta:

Fan arrays were installed inside two existing air handling units for the purpose of controlling the air flow through the heat wheel. The system was designed as a mixed air flow and the outside air was bypassing the heat wheel due to its high resistance and traveling through the return air dampers.

With the Aqua Air supplied FANWALL®s in place energy recovery is functioning.