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Pure Humidifier

At PURE Humidifier, we offer a complete line of versatile, efficient and reliable
- Direct Steam Injection,
- Steam Heat Exchanger,
- Electric Self-Contained Humidifiers, and
- Gas Fired Humidifiers for industrial and commercial applications.

We also offer the INTAC® Control System and Insty-Pac Rapid Dissipation Type Tube Assembly Package and other accessories. You can choose from several humidification systems utilizing a variety of energy sources, so you get a system precisely designed for your particular requirements.

- Full communication compatibility with Modbus, BACnet and LonTalk building automation systems
- SCRmod trim plus stage control
- Auto drain can now be set to drain based on accumulated time, elapsed time, or by an externally triggered switch actuated by a real time clock
- The control input now has an adjustable input filter to smooth-out a noisy input signal
- Increased safety features

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