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Trox Technik

Active Chilled Beams - Application of Induction Diffusers

TROX induction diffusers are used in air-water systems to provide ventilation, heating and cooling of room air.

Type DID-E - Flush ceiling active chilled beam
- One-way air discharge
- Ideal for individual rooms in hotels or hospitals
- Induction and supply air grilles in various designs
- Side entry spigot for fresh air
- Heat exchanger horizontal without condensate drip tray
- Low height construction

Type DID632 Active Chilled Beam - Flush ceiling active chilled beam
- Nominal width: 24" to suit t-bars at 2 ft centers
- High cooling performance with low primary air flow air requirements
- Two face designs
- Two or four pipe configuration (heating and/or cooling)
- Adjustable air control blades
- Selection software featuring detailed comfort data and terminal velocities
- Standard and HC versions available

Sigma Corporation

Sigma Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. Sigma Radiant Ceiling System Panels are offered in many different styles and configurations to meet the spacial needs of Architects, while producing heating and/or cooling capacity demanded by Mechanical Engineers.

Sigma offers both Linear Aluminum extruded panels with a castellated or flat profile, as well as Modular panels which are exclusively flat.

  • Linear Aluminum extruded panels are available in several widths and lengths to accommodate the perimeter planning of any building ceiling, including acoustic ceiling tile, drywall, or bulkhead ceiling types. Panel widths are manufactured to fit into standard T-Bar systems. The units are available with extruded Tee frames, also for mounting into drywall or bulkhead ceiling applications
  • The Modular (drop in) panels are available in standard 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ sizes for easy mounting into new or existing ceiling grids. Custom sizes are available to lay into non-standard ceiling sizes. Both Modular and Linear panels are usually painted Sigma Radiant Panel Textured White to match Angle/Tee mouldings normally used for acoustic ceiling tile type installations, however Sigma can paint to any customer-driven color. Modular panels can also be silkscreened to simulate acoustic ceiling tile patterns.
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