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Systemair’s business concept is to develop, manufacture and market high-quality ventilation products. Our customers will perceive us as the most reliable company where quality, availability and delivery reliability are concerned. In addition, dealing with Systemair as a customer must not be complicated. Trust is our most important watchword. This means that our customers can always trust that they will receive the correct products, with the right performance, on time, and that the products are of high quality. We mean to live up to this aim 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on five continents.

To simplify” was our principal objective when Systemair entered the market in 1974 with the circular duct fan, a product that considerably simplified installation. “The Straight Way” soon became a concept for work in the Group and the basis of our values. Since then, it has developed into a business philosophy. The driving force is constantly to discover new ways of making our products even more attractive to our customers. At our test centres, our technicians and engineers develop, test and document the products. In order to meet the various requirements of customers, Systemair has built up an efficient organisation over the years. The production and logistics operations are supplemented by owned sales companies that offer effective control and direct communication with the market. Through our local companies, we have good insight into the requirements and trends of various markets and can respond quickly to change.

Focus always on the customer
Whatever we do, the customer is always the focus of our work. This may mean developing the product so that it becomes even simpler to install and use. Or it may mean lifting energy efficiency another notch in order to drive down energy costs. Alternatively, we can apply our expertise in logistics to ensure that customers benefit from even faster deliveries, wherever they may be in the world.

Availability is an important parameter in terms of our competitiveness, and we ensure effective control of our flow of goods via owned production units, central and local warehouses and an efficient ERP system. When a subsidiary sells an article that the company stocks itself, the inventory is topped up automatically as it nears depletion. If the item is not an inventory article, it will be sent with the next dispatch from one of our central warehouses.

Our product range has expanded at a rapid pace since 1974, when the circular duct fan first saw the light of day. Today, Systemair focuses on developing energy-efficient air handing units with energy recovery and EC-technology fans, which are simple to install and use. Ventilation accounts for a considerable share of energy consumption, in the form of heating and energy losses as heated air is replaced by cold air. Energy-efficient products with energy recovery are becoming increasingly important in reducing energy consumption and at the same time creating a healthy indoor climate. In recent years, our product portfolio has grown also to include fire gas, car park and tunnel ventilation. These areas each have a somewhat different emphasis and target group, and so we have divided our products into Comfort ventilation and Safety ventilation. 

Comfort ventilation

Comfort ventilation comprises fans, air handling units, air distribution products, air curtains and heating products. The products are used in new building, renovation and conversion projects. To save energy, buildings need to be insulated better, triple- and quadruple-glazing has to be installed and buildings must be made as airtight as possible. In that case, balanced ventilation with energy recovery will also be necessary for both people and buildings to stay healthy. Via two acquisitions during the past year, Systemair has also procured its own expertise in cooling technology, with a strong and extensive product range.

Safety ventilation

Safety ventilation consists of Fire gas ventilation as well as Car park and tunnel ventilation. Fire gas ventilation requires ventilation products capable of quickly evacuating fire gases generated by fires in buildings. Their job is to effectively remove dangerous gases and must be able to handle high temperatures for long periods. Smoke gases often pose a greater threat of personal harm than the fire itself. In car parks and tunnels, it is important to extract vehicle emissions, especially during traffic jams or fires. Tunnel fans are part of infrastructure projects and our customers are usually large construction companies.

Commercial HRVs & ERVs

We offer a full line of heat and energy recovery ventilators. These units are ideal for commerical buildings, offices and similar premises. They offer a high level of comfort both in terms of heating or energy recovery and clean air supply, along with significant energy savings.

All units are operated via a modern control system that makes it easy to check their status at any time. Further, our sleek and discreet range of controls help building owners take indoor comfort to the next level.